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Switching power supply aluminum shell and plastic shell using the comparative analysis of the situation?


There are two general types of switching power supply, one is the plastic shell, the other is the aluminum shell. What is the difference between the aluminum shell and the switching power supply using a plastic shell? Here the switching power supply using aluminum shell or plastic shell for comparative analysis.

Advantages and disadvantages of switching power supply aluminum shell:

Switching power supply using the advantages of aluminum shell is mainly, the metal shell of good heat dissipation, solid structure, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strong metal texture, high degree of beauty in people's minds.

The main disadvantage of switching power supply using aluminum shell is the high cost of metal casing production, forming complex, such as leakage has occurred, the work can not be touched by hand, maintenance is not convenient.

Two, the advantages and disadvantages of switching power supply plastic shell:

The main advantages of switching power supply using plastic shell is a plastic shell, low manufacturing cost, shape quickly, the shape and structure of different kinds of adapt to the environment, work at the same time can touch, easy maintenance.

The main disadvantage of switching power supply is the use of plastic shell, plastic shell heat condition is not as good as the metal shell structure is relatively fast, strong enough, do not wear heat, low melting point, poor corrosion resistance, appearance is not consistent with the aesthetic of the mass of consumers.

There is, the switching power supply using aluminum shell by external electrostatic spraying, color white, dark gray, black, green and so on, consumers can choose from a wide range, and the switching power supply using a plastic shell due to the impact of plastic cooling requirements, only black and white two, consumers can choose from narrow.

Generally speaking, the working environment of switching power supply leads to switching power supply switching power supply than aluminum shell plastic shell use effect is better, the service life is relatively longer, so in general, we see in the market and buy aluminum switching power supply will be more, buy buy plastic shell of the switching power supply will think less some.

Then the same profit ratio, switching power supply manufacturers being more willing to switch power supply with high aluminum shell production price, and reduce the switching power supply plastic shell production, if custom switching power supply, housing choice to everyone's wishes for priority.