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2019-01-05Can the power adapter be used as a charger?
We are the manufacturer of Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltdcharger. According to the situation, the charger has lithium battery charging, and there are various cases of the power adapter that charges the battery. If the mobile phone charging, the charger adopts
2019-01-05Switching power supply aluminum shell and plastic shell using the comparative analysis of the situation?
There are two general types of switching power supply, one is the plastic shell, the other is the aluminum shell. What is the difference between the aluminum shell and the switching power supply using a plastic shell? Here the switching power supply using
2019-01-05Three dimensional composition of switching power supply
People have measurements: chest, hip, waist, has three dimensions: length and width and height, here to describe the three-dimensional composition of switching power supply products, including the length and breadth and related accessories. Everyone in th
2019-01-05Switch power supply warehouse
1, switch power supply material storage to be carefully classified, different storage environment switch power supply material separately stored, keep switch po……
2019-01-05Charger is divided into several categories? What is the use?
The charger is mainly a high-frequency power supply technology, the use of advanced intelligent dynamic adjustment charging technology. The power devices inside the machine are relatively large, generally in the case of a larger load with a small noise, b